Company Information

PHST Corporation is a customer-centered company. The company remains China owned and operated. The original focus of the company was to utilize temperature control technology as the basis for its chillers and heat exchangers because our system provide reliable and precise temperature control in a integrated package.

Today, customers must also focus on the cost of energy and the environmentally damaging effects of Freon's and their replacement refrigerants. Since our products reduce energy usage by up to 94 percent and some product use no refrigerants, they have been an important part of our customer's cost-savings programs.

Our in-house manufacturing and development competencies have resulted in multiple product families with numerous patents awarded and pending.We grow both by developing new products we see are needed in our marketplace, and by developing unique products for our customer's specifications using our flexible family of temperature control solution, unique heat exchangers and digital temperature controllers.

Many of our customers' names appear on the Fortune 100 list of America's most successful companies. While we have earned the respect of these large corporations, we recognize it is the individual engineers and technicians within these corporations as well as the small manufacturers and universities and laboratories that we serve.

We are ISO 9001:2008 registered by sira CERTIFICATION.

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